10,000 Ordinary Moments

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signpost2013 is off to a quick start. It seems like the last few weeks of 2012 flew by. Now that a new year is upon us, many of us turn our attention to resolutions. Some choose to focus on loosing weight, or exercising more, or quitting smoking. All of these are great goals that should be pursued but does the concept of spontaneous life change really make sense?

In a recent article by Paul David Tripp, he makes the case that “big event transformation” is not realistic and is not the way that God deals with His children. Tripp concludes that God takes a much more subtle approach to re-shaping our hearts and lives:

The fact of the matter is that the transforming work of grace is more of a mundane process than it is a series of a few dramatic events. Personal heart and life change is always a process. And where does that process take place? It takes place where you and I live everyday. And where do we live? Well, we all have the same address. Our lives don’t careen from big moment to big moment. No, we all live in the utterly mundane.

Most of us won’t be written up in history books. Most of us only make three or four momentous decisions in our lives, and several decades after we die, the people we leave behind will struggle to remember the event of our lives. You and I live in little moments, and if God doesn’t rule our little moments and doesn’t work to recreate us in the middle of them, then there is no hope for us, because that is where you and I live.

The little moments of life are profoundly important precisely because they are the little moments that we live in and that form us. This is where I think “Big Drama Christianity” gets us into trouble. It can cause us to devalue the significance of the little moments of life and the “small-change” grace that meets us there. And because we devalue the little moments where we live, we don’t tend to notice the sin that gets exposed there. We fail to seek the grace that is offered to us.

10,000 Little Moments

You see, the character of a life is not set in two or three dramatic moments, but in 10,000 little moments. The character that was formed in those little moments is what shapes how you respond to the big moments of life.

You can read the rest of the article here.

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